10 reasons why you should subscribe to a book club subscription box
10 reasons why you should subscribe to a book club subscription box

So you're wondering why you should subscribe to a book club subscription box? We hear you. There are lots of of subscription boxes out there.  And you love a good book shop.  Trust us, we do too.  But with Bad People Book Club, you can select your box frequency so you can shop your local book store in between.  It's an added experience for us bibliophiles to kick back, drink, relax and create a movement while we're doing it. So here it is...

10 reasons why you should subscribe to a book club subscription box

1. Tinder dates...obvi.

So you've been on more Tinder dates than you'd like to admit, and you've got nothing to talk about on half of them.  Messaging and sending each other emojis, turns out, different than real life conversation.  With a book club subscription service like Bad People Book Club, you'll have so much chat.  Even if you're not into him, we guarantee you'll be into us.  And if you are lucky to find someone you have things in common with, you'll get to introduce him to the best new book box on the planet.

2. You’re lifestyle is hectic, but you want to dedicate time to reading.

You've got so many #goals.  And we love you for that.  But you deserve a break.  And not just a Netflix binge break.  One where you can kick back, use your brain and treat yourself.  We got you.

3. It relieves the pressure of selecting your latest and greatest read.

Choosing what book to read, especially when you're busy, can be so hard. There's so many books and so many recommendations out there.  We take the time to select for you.  We also give voices to those that might not have the center stage - we choose books by women of color, about race and identity. 

4. You want to talk about deep shit with your friends but sometimes you need some booze and a good topic.

If you're anything like us, you always get called out for going into deep and meaningfuls - particularly while drinking.  Bad People Book Club is perfect for you.  We're a book box that encourages you to talk about the hard stuff - but with a bit of booze and silliness.

5. You have a big project or meeting tomorrow and need to (sophisticatedly) loosen up beforehand.

Just like dating, networking can be hard.  While you might be thinking of stressing the whole night, use your brain for something better - enjoying a good book.  We promise it's the perfect tool to help you unwind.

6.  Watercooler chat sucks, bring your A game.

Just like dating, making small talk with your colleagues is hard work.  Chat to your colleagues about something way more fun than the weather.

7. You need a creative answer to your professor’s networking email.

Impress your professor with something that you do in your spare time that flexes your brain and your party vibes.

8.  Not every family wants to play Cards Against Humanity.

Whether you love it or your family would rather pass, you need another game like Cards Against Humanity.  We're like Trivial pursuit meets Cards Against Humanity - a bit brainy, a bit naughty.  You can read on your own, with your friends, or mix it up at the next family gathering.

9. When the news got ya down, you can count on us to make you laugh while doing laundry and commuting.

Sometimes you just can't bear another headline.  Read your book or listen to our book podcast while doing the morning commute.  We'll keep your spirits up, while firing shots at those figures in the news that have it coming.

10. Life is hard and sometimes we need catharsis.

Adulting is tough.  The political gets way too personal, shit gets real and it's hard to deal.  We understand that.  Our subscription book box offers you a break from reality - while calling into question all the things that underline it - as that's the true power of literature.

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By Abbey Jones || 14 jan, 2018