Which book club subscription service is right for me? (Hint: It’s this one)
Which book club subscription service is right for me? (Hint: It’s this one)

Subscription services are gaining mad traction this year – making your life easier and trips to the store to treat yourself a thing of the past.  The only complication is choosing.  While there aren’t too many book boxes out there, you may be wondering what is the best book subscription service for me?

We’re blatantly biased – but if you answer yes to the following questions, then we think you should do yourself a favor and sign up to Bad People Book Club.

Do you like to read?

If you’re Googling ‘which book subscription service is right for me?’ or landed on our website by some way of fate, then the answer is probably yes.  We choose badass books about risk, about identity risk, about identity and we’re going to discuss them as we would anything in our life - with a bit of fun and maybe a lot of alcohol.

Do you like to party?

Yes, we send you cocktail ingredients (but please go ahead and make a mocktail if that’s your jam).  But partying isn’t just about drinking our amazing book themed cocktails.  It means having a good time – discussing things with irreverence and fun.  Books teach us amazing things about the world – sometimes they are dark and sometimes they are funny.  But if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that sometimes life is shit and sometimes life is awesome and there’s nothing we can do about it.  So you might as well kick off your shoes and have a good time.

Do you like your best friend?

We’re thinking probably yes, and if not, we suggest looking for a new one.  We (AJ and Abbey) met in Indonesia while traveling for a friend’s wedding and had an instant love connection.  We immediately bonded over our first book (When I was Puerto Rican), boys and our love for Indonesia (where we both taught English on a Fulbright grant for a year). Doing this project together seemed like such a natural thing, so we’re guessing you’ll love listening to our podcast with your best friend.

Do you like podcasts?

If you love fun, irreverent and free podcasts, then you’ll love ours. Our podcast places books in a fun, non-pretentious light by asking IRL discussions about our book of the month.  Grab a drink (whether it’s a coffee on your way to work or a cocktail after) and enjoy the lolz.

Do you like Netflix?

We are essentially the Netflix of book subscription services.  We’ve got a wide variety of reads, and we guarantee you’ll want to binge them.

Are you a pretentious wanker?

Then sorry, probably not for you.

By Abbey Jones || 14 dec, 2017