Where to host your next book club?
Where to host your next book club?

Hosting a book club at your place is cheap and cheerful – but you might wanna mix up a few times a year.  Wondering where to host your next book club? We’ve got a few ideas that will work for almost any location. 


We know this one is an obvious one coming from us – but we say a friendly bar with a great atmosphere is the perfect place for you and your friends to chat about books and let loose a little. Get the bartender to make a mixed drink based on the  characters – just like we do at Bad People Book Club.

Just make sure to choose a place that’s comfortable, where you can reserve enough seating for your group, and a place that’s not too pretentious – the last thing you want is judgemental stares while you and your friends wax poetically about onomatopoeia.


We’re not talking your average municipal library.  We’re thinking a unique library in a stunning location and one that encourages talking and sharing about books.  You can pull out other books for reference and find inspiration in the design.


Food goes with anything.  Including books.  Plus it takes snack duty and clean up away from you.  Choose a restaurant that aligns with the theme of the book or just choose your favorite place that everyone will love.  Have each person order as a character in the book – whether it’s mimicking their accent or choosing what they think they would order.

Invite a chef to your place

So it’s still at your place – but cooking is out of your hands.  Treat your friends to a special book club experience by inviting a chef to your house and asking him/ her to create a bespoke menu in theme with the book.  You will be the talk of book club for the next year.

Go on a walking tour of the book / author

Live in Providence and reading H.P. Lovecraft? Reading Poe in NYC?  Check out where the authors hung out and got inspiration, all while discussing their works.

Host it in a similar location to the setting of the book

So you might not live in the city where the book is based, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate the experience by finding a similar themed venue.  Reading The Great Gatsby? Find a cool prohibition style bar.  A Brief History of Seven Killings? Try a Jamaican restaurant. Or if you’re reading Lincoln in the Bardo, try something a bit presidential.

By Abbey Jones || 24 jan, 2018