When You Can’t Even – Top 8 Book Club Suggestions
When You Can’t Even – Top 8 Book Club Suggestions

So you’re hosting a book club IRL. You haven’t read the book. You haven’t cleaned the house. You have nothing planned. Essentially, you’re effed. Fortunately, we’re here to save the day with our top book club suggestions.

1.  Booze – booze is bound to make a book club fun in almost any situation. It can even take the conversations off topic so your guest won’t even notice you haven’t read the book

2.  Play Cards Against Humanity – Each play as one of the characters. This is bound to get a lot of laughs and let you cheat the system.

3.  Read one or two chapters – read one or two of the chapters and really analyze them. You’ll have a good idea of what the book is about and can offer some good points for discussions. They might just think it’s weird that they come from the first two chapters.

4.  Watch the movie – has the book been turned into a movie? It’s totally cheating but you don’t have long, so watching the film is better than nothing. Hopefully your friends don’t catch onto you when you allude to things that happened in the film and not the book.

5.  Go all out on the theme – Run to your local craft store and dedicate yourself to the theme. Reading To Kill a Mockingbird? Turn your apartment into a courtroom. The Great Gatsby? Tell everyone to dress like a flapper. Your friends will forgive you for not reading the book because they’ve had such an awesome time.

6.  Be honest – Come clean and let them know you haven’t read the book but focus on having a great time – with great food, great drinks and a little research on the discussion questions. Chances are a few of your friends might not have quite finished as well.

7. Host your book club somewhere else - Distract them with an amazing venue so they don't notice your lack of character development knowledge.

8.  Get ahead for next month – to make sure you don’t procrastinate again.

    By Abbey Jones || 22 dec, 2017