The ladies behind our free book podcast – Q&A with AJ and Abbey
The ladies behind our free book podcast – Q&A with AJ and Abbey

We met in Indonesia at a friend's wedding (shoutout to Chris & Yekti).  We immediately bonded over books, boys, Providence, Rhode Island...and so much more.  Wanna know a lil bit more about us? Check out the blog below to find out more about the people sprinkling literary ear gold dust with our free book podcast.

Abbey asks, AJ answers...

What was the last gift you gave someone?

The last gift I gave someone was a collection of local made ketchups! They were for my best friend who hates all things dry and is into trying quirky flavors (part of why we're friends).  She also got some Mexican Chili chocolate and shot glasses because a bunch of small gifts are so much better than one large one ;) 

Have you ever been turned on by a book? If so, which one and give us the back story.

Oh la la.  I love this question! Um. Yes, absolutely.  I was totally turned on by Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. There are some incredibly passionate love scenes between Hatsue and Ishmael, two of the main characters in the book.  Hatsue is a Japanese American woman who is trying to reconcile the differences between her mother's values and American values. Her and Ishmael share these incredibly intimate moments by the Cedar Tree and the tension between them is explosive.  It probably didn't help that I was in high school during my first reading haha.

What were you like in high school?

Speaking of high school, I was I like to think, pretty much the same. Outgoing, bubbly, and very curious.  Sometimes that person with too many questions or who dug a little too deep into textual analysis.  I loved my high school experience but like everyone I struggled with aspects of my identity.  My high school was incredibly diverse but because we were high schoolers, I think people really relied on stereotypes to formulate their identity.  I struggled to fit in deeply with the other women of color in my school and found other barriers to connecting deeply with the white women that made up my friend group.  I was excited to transition to college in search of my holistic self.

Favorite movie based on a book?

Hmmm, my favorite movie based on a book. This is a tough one.  I would have to say Frankenstein.  Amazing, book that got me through the SAT's and taught me about the feminist framework.  The movie is great to drink spiked cider to during the Halloween season!

What was your dream job when you were little?

My dream job was to be a lifesaving high powered lawyer that designed all of my own clothes. Still chipping away at this dream haha!

AJ asks, Abbey answers...

What is one of your hidden talents or strengths?

I'm not sure if it's hidden or not - but I suppose it is to people who I'm not that close to.  I like to think that I'm a pretty good listener.  I might not have the best advice but I'm always here to let my friends get out whatever they need to get out.  I also love listening to other people's stories about themselves and how they came to be the person they are.

What is a defining aspect of who you are?

I was recently asked what I'm most proud of via Tinder - and I think I'm gonna give this question the same response - that I'm kind. I could say a hobby or personality trait - but I guess the one thing that I'd like for people to say about me is that I'm kind, so I hope I can live up to that.

Have you ever been scared shitless by a book?

Okay - besides Goosebumps when I was a kid, I think the most scared I've been in a book is Native Son.  Richard Wright speaks about Bigger's struggle in a way that is so visceral and real.  And no matter what he does, he can't get out of the spiral.  I think that was a scary thing for me to come to terms with about America.

Which book do you credit to making you a book lover?

Okay... I legit had to look up what this book was about - but it's the first book I remember staying up all night to finish.  It's called the Egypt Game and according to Wikipedia creation of an imaginative game by a group of six children. They like hang out in an antique shop and research ancient Egyptian rituals and then make a game out of it.  I couldn't even tell you if it's actually good or not - but I was obsessed and became an obsessive reader ever since.

By Abbey Jones || 20 dec, 2017