When I Was Puerto Rican is our First Book in Our Monthly Book Subscription
When I Was Puerto Rican is our First Book in Our Monthly Book Subscription

We’re here to answer the call of a monthly subscription for book lovers.  We’ve read a few books in our day (Abbey once had the third grade ambition of reading ‘a million books). So it was hard to choose what to read first.

However, when Abbey met podcast co-host AJ during a trip in Indonesia for a friend’s wedding, one of the first things they discussed was When I was Puerto Rican by Esmeralda Santiago.  So it was a natural fit.

AJ is Puerto Rican so she naturally connected with the story, and Abbey loves a good coming of age tale more than just a little bit. We loved the way the book is split up into distinct sections of her life that begin with oh-so relatable aphorisms.

Dig into our full review below and make sure to listen to our podcast and playlist.

Why we loved it

There were so many sections where we underlined and wrote ME in big capitol letters because of how much we could relate.  That’s what is so great  about this book – it doesn’t matter if you’re a Nuevo Rican like AJ or a girl from the plains of South Dakota like Abbey – anyone can get where Esmeralda is coming from in this book.  Growing up is tough work but it also has a lot of lolz and Esmeralda nails it.

The characters

Negi – a young girl coming of age in Puerto Rico. She goes through the ups and downs of her parents’ rollercoaster relationship, US colonization and moving places with a lot of pluck and a sense of humour.

Ramona aka Mami – Negi’s mother and overall bad bitch.  She puts up with a lot (her dick of a husband Pablo, but still takes names while doing it.

The Drink

We’ve created a grown up piña colada Barrio to Brooklyn that is sweet yet complex – just like growing up.  You’ll have to subscribe to our monthly book subscription for adults in order to check it out.

Community Focus – Support Puerto Rico After Hurricane Maria

As you know, Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria starting in September of this year. The disaster has upended the lives of 3.4 million people and could cost the country up to $95 billion in damages. This has been a devastating blow to those who have lost homes and loved ones. 

We know that our audience members are badasses because they like to help out in times of need as well.  We’ve collated the below organisations that are looking for support for the relief effort.  Most organisations are looking for cash – which can easily be sent via text or online.  Please help out if you can.

By Abbey Jones || 31 oct, 2017