Book club discussions - If Atticus Finch were Lindsay Lohan's lawyer
Book club discussions - If Atticus Finch were Lindsay Lohan's lawyer

Our weekly book club discussion is back.  This time we've flipped the trial scene in To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.  It still features Atticus Finch, but now he's defending actress Lindsay Lohan.  So grab your girls, grab your cocktails and have a bit of fun with this book club discussion question.  Comment any ideas you have and read on next week!


The Trial Continues
Lindsay Lohan is called to the witness stand.  She lifts here right arm, exposing a Gucci watch, with her left hand on the Bible.   
Judge:                      That’ll do, Lindsay. 
Lindsay takes the oath and sits down.
Atticus:                   Lindsay, how old are you?
Lindsay:                         Twenty-seven, sir.
Atticus:                   Are you married?
Lindsay:                  No sir. 
Atticus:                   Lindsay, have you ever been in jail before?
Lindsay:                 A few times sir.
Atticus:                   Can you explain these arrests?
Lindsay:                 Well sir, I was arrested in 2007 for driving under the influence of alcohol and cocaine. I was then sentenced 90 days in jail in 2010 for failing to show up in court and comply with my probation. 
Atticus:                   Ist that all Lindsay?
 Lindsay:                         No, I was then arrested in 2010 for stealing a necklace.
Atticus:                           Even though you're so wealthy?
Lindsay:                   I'm just going through such a hard time sir, it's hard to explain.
Atticus:                          So it ended there?
Lindsay:                         Well, for the most part. I had my probation revoked in 2011 after failing to perform my community service.
Atticus:                   So you're saying you couldn't even help your community?
Lindsay:                  I have such a demanding career sir.
Atticus:                   I can't even remember the last movie I saw you in.
Lindsay:                   The Canyons sir.
Atticus:                    Never even heard of it.
Lindsay:                   It's very underrated. 
Atticus:                     We digress. So this is where you're trouble ends?
Lindsay:                   I mean, I was accused of a few things but they could never prove it.  But then, I had another accident and fled the scene...which is why we're here.
Atticus:                         And...?
Lindsay (rolling her eyes):                   Andddd I had a fight with some girl in the club.  But she, like, totally deserved it.
Atticus:                  You know... I know I signed up to take on this case, but I just can't do it.  You rich white girls really can get away with anything; while law-abiding citizens elsewhere get killed just because of the color of their skin.  I can't believe I even brought my daughter in this courtroom.
Lohan eventually completes all of her community service but is scarred and hurt for life - she eventually gets her own reality show, stars in a sitcom, gets to design her own island and makeup line...a very tragic life indeed.
By Abbey Jones || 26 jan, 2018