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Bad People Book Club is a book box that transforms books into cocktail recipes.

Each box comes with the book of the month, a bespoke cocktail recipe in theme with the book, cocktail ingredients from local suppliers, aguide to enhance your experience and a chance to opt-in to our podcast, which gives you fun, IRL questions about the book.

How it works?

✍🏽 1. Sign up!
📦 2. Receive book and cocktail ingredients.
🎊 3. Read and drink up! (responsibly)
🤓 4. Get involved with our podcast


Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows
by Balli Kaur Jaswal

Nikki prides herself on her modernity. She’s left the traditional views of her Sikh immigrant parents behind. However, after landing a job as a creative writing teacher in London’s Punjabi community, her worldview is turned upside down. The widows who attend the class want to share much more than Nikki has anticipated. Nikki begins to unearth connections between some mysterious deaths in the community and the self-proclaimed ‘moral police.’ It’s up to the widows to overcome their differences and uncover the community’s secrets.

The Widow’s Lassi cocktail from is sweet, richly flavoured and addictive - just like the book.

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We believe that representation matters. That's why we choose badass books by women of col that center around themes of identity, gender and race.

We've also taken the pretention out of books by making our interactive guides and supplies as badass as the books inside them. Don't know what a motif is? You’re safe here. We want t bring books down to everyday life. Books should be things that people can talk about without intimidation.

You don't have to jump out of a plane while taking a shot of tequila and playing a concerto to join Bad People Book Club (mad props if you do though). You just need to dig books and want to make them as real as possible.

We've asked expert bartenders (from an area associated with the book!) to craft cocktails in the theme of the book. We don't push excessive consumption of alcohol but we do think that a chill night with friends discussing a book over a cocktail is the way to go.

We then sourced ingredients from badass local suppliers so that you can make the cocktail yourself. The boxes aren't just full of 'stuff' - we know you don't need any more shit. Instead, these ingredients enable you to experience the book with all your senses.

Signing up for Bad People Book Club doesn't just mean you get a box with some stuff. You also join our podcasts, which discusses the books without any pretention and sign up to our emailers, which give you challenges in line with the book.

We believe that representation matters. That's why we choose badass books by women of color that center around themes of identity, gender and race.

We’ll keep you posted on our website and social media pages.

If you've already read the book for the next month, no dramas – just fill out our contact form to let us know and we'll put that month's order on hold, so you'll still get the rest of the boxes for the year.

Absolutely. Just follow the sign up prompts.

At this time, we only ship to the US but are looking to take over the world.

Unfortunatley we are a small company and cannot allow for cancellations, if you are unsure of whether you'll like the service (you will), please select the trial option (until we've convinced you that you can't live with out us - and we will).

If you move, please let us know here.

Please expect 5-6 business days for your box to arrive.

However you like! Try it on a night in with a few friends, treat yourself to some self care and do it on your own, or do it with your IRL book club.

Hell yeah. Have an idea for a book that would be perfect? Drop us a note here for upcoming books to vote for upcoming books.

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